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Business Plans & Investment Decks

Business Plans & Investment Decks

How do loan funds and social enterprises scale solutions to community needs, especially in tumultuous times? With clear strategic priorities aligned to mission, capacity and the market. With detailed tactical plans and timelines. With scenario plans that ensure good decisions even in the face of uncertainty. And with enough of the right kinds of funding to operationalize all the above.

Our clients have raised millions because they partner with us on mission-critical business strategy and  long term capital planning. We’ll work with you to design the tools you need to grow loan delivery; expand to new products, sectors, or regions; diversify capitalization strategies; and manage risk during these turbulent times.

Business planning:  Your business plan is your roadmap to grow and sustain a healthy business. You don’t want meaningless metrics, you want a clear path to strengthen your model, expand programs, and/or adjust to a changing landscape. Bumpercrops has spent years honing our approach to mission-driven business planning. We bring a wealth of operational expertise, research capacity, and a deep understanding of sector dynamics to ground your business plan in:

  • rigorous multi-scenario feasibility assessment

  • nuanced market and competitive analysis

  • realistic multi- year projections to guide and benchmark growth

  • comprehensive operations plans, from proof-of-concept to roll-out

  • targeted, diversified funding strategy for immediate needs and sustainable growth


Investment decks: Ready to secure the capital to pursue your plans? With a long track record in raising social capital, Bumpercrops can help you strategically position your organization for investment. Each deal is different: we’ll work with you to craft the right deck for the right investor, making sure you stand out in a crowded field. Use our expertise to articulate your social value proposition and inspire confidence in your solutions. Engage the audience with the right metrics and a good story. From timelines and milestones to Go-to-market strategy and SROI, we’ll make sure your deck resonates -- with sound strategies, a clear competitive advantage, and all the right reasons for investors to get on board.


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