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Equity and Justice are in our DNA

Bumpercrops is a strategy consulting firm working with revolutionary changemakers with plans for systemic social change.

Our Story
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Our guiding principles

Bumpercrops joins those speaking truth to power. We support Black Lives Matter.  We believe that systemic racism must be overcome to fulfill our country's potential for true democracy, freedom, and human progress.  We stand with all people of color, indigenous people, immigrants and other marginalized communities in the pursuit of justice.

We understand poverty and inequity as the result of historic and persisting patterns of exploitation and disenfranchisement, reflected everywhere from lending to labor to housing, health care, and education.  Our work is grounded in helping communities reverse these patterns and set a new course for racial, social, economic and environmental justice. 

We are committed to always listening and learning how we can do better at this work.  We strive to think, speak, and act with honesty, humility, and compassion.  We never give up our faith in the human spirit or our hope for a better future. 

"Bumpercrops was founded on the principle that mission-driven organizations can achieve exponentially greater social impact if they operate at optimal scope and scale. We help them get there."

Jonathan Harrison


Our roots grew in rural places—the Mississippi Delta, Appalachian West Virginia, the North Carolina Piedmont,  Eastern Kentucky, and California's Salinas Valley. Early on we specialized in helping small farmers and food start-ups, agriculture service providers, and lenders working to revive rural economies, build healthy local food systems, and protect nature in our wild and scenic places.


Sustainable agriculture and rural development are still core areas of expertise, though these days we're in downtown business corridors and revitalizing industrial districts as often as farm fields and packing sheds. Wherever we are, we're helping our clients plant the seeds for success with the systems, strategies, and growth plans that yield bumper crops of impact in their communities.

Our beginnings

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Our Work


Bumpercrops has worked in partnership with Friedman Associates and other leading CDFI consulting firms with clients across the United States and Canada. Contact us for a list of our client engagements.  

Stay in touch.

We're here to help answer any questions you might have about our work or just to chat.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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