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CFO Advisory Services

CFO Advisory Services

Our decades of CFO expertise will help you streamline financial management, ensure rigorous oversight and compliance, build credibility with investors and funders, and strategically increase your financial performance and access to capital. With Bumpercrops as a trusted advisor, you’ll get the guidance you need to:


  • Establish and hone loan programs with best-in-field practices for microloan and small business loan origination, application development, and underwriting and servicing to maximize lending efficiencies and impact while minimizing risk.

  • Develop the operations plans and infrastructure needed to support business growth.

  • Build effective financial management systems for all accounting, budget, control, and reporting functions.

  • Make accounting practices work to your advantage while complying with all legal and regulatory requirements, including CDBG, HUD, USDA, SBA, and CARES Act programs.

  • Cultivate creative, complementary financing strategies, activities, and relationships for sustainability and growth.

  • Negotiate contracts for maximum benefit and flexibility with the CDFI Fund, municipalities, and other funders.

  • Implement tracking and reporting procedures for loan delinquency and loss.

  • Optimize metrics, statements, and reporting for stakeholder transparency and accountability and alignment with GAAPS and industry best practices.

  • Plan and prepare for the annual audit.

  • Develop policies and procedures for nonprofit board and finance committee oversight

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